How LFC Predictions works

The idea behind the site is really simple. Liverpool FC fans are always saying how they can predict LFC's starting line-up, first Liverpool goalscorer or final score. Now heres a chance to prove yourself against other Liverpool fans!

Make your predictions

Every game you can enter your predictions for:

  • The LFC starting XI
  • The first Liverpool FC goalscorer
  • The final score

You can enter your predictions as soon as the last match has ended and up to two hours before kick off. (e.g on a normal 3pm kick off you can enter your predictions up to 1pm on the matchday)

How you're scored

  • 1 point - for every Liverpool player you correctly predict will start the game
  • 4 points - if you correctly predict the whole starting lineup
  • 5 points - for correctly predicting the first Liverpool goalscorer
  • 2 points - for predicting the correct match outcome (ie LFC win)
  • 3 points - for predicting the correct score (eg Liverpool 8-0 Man United)

Prediction are usually scored shortly after full time but no later than the next day. You will receive an email to tell you that your prediction has been scored.

Scoring is relatively straight forward and there is not really any rules as such but there are few little pointers just in case there are any misunderstandings. See the Scoring FAQ.


Manager of the Month / Manager of the Year

To prove your knowledge of Liverpool the aim is to collect the the manager of the month and the manager of the year award! You can see where you stand in the tables by viewing the leaderboards.

The Manager of the Month and Manager of Year tables are sorted firstly by the total number of points received then by the number of full correct lineups, followed by number of correct scores, then by the number of correct goalscorers and finally by the number of times the correct outcome was predicted.


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